This past Sunday was my husband’s first all-day Guys Only Paintball Extravaganza of 2013. Being alone all day outside of the normal time I spend with our daughter is a challenge, especially whilst enrolled in a Masters Program, but I made the most of the situation. My husband could not sleep the night before the outing, perhaps due to the excitement of being able to get out his stress in a very extreme, testosterone filled activity. Consequently, I did not sleep, so I was looking forward to being able to spend a rare morning lazily drifting in and out of sleep following his departure. I did not wake to prepare his breakfast since he was not going to work and since he skipped his assigned day (Saturdays), so I thought I was in the clear for a luxurious morning spent in bed.


My daughter normally wakes up several times in the morning wanting to be nursed or to have her diaper changed. She typically (and very graciously) will go back to sleep so long as I pretend I am sill asleep.  This time she rolled over towards my husband’s side of the bed and began to talk to “Ah-bob-bob” (My husband a.k.a. Abba b.k.a. Ah-bob or Mo). When she realized the lump of blankets did not contain her daddy, she rolled over to face me. I attempted to ignore the incessant coos of “hi”, “eeeee-ma”, and “mum-mum”, but my fast-growing migraine would not permit it. I kissed my daughter several times on her big, round, rosy cheeks and pouty pink lips, and got up.

In a moment of sheer genius, I decided to treat myself to a shower. Not one of those 2 minute excuses of a washing that I normally go for, but an indulgent romp in a make believe waterfall where I could escape from all the demands on my spirit, soul, and body. I loaded my dolly into her bouncy chair, gave her a piece of toilet paper, a fluffy towel, and Eric Carle (the name of her favorite toy designed by the author for which it is named) before proceeding to jump into the shower.

I won’t disclose how long I stayed in the shower, but I had time to detangle my hair, give myself the best pedicure I could manage, and gave my skin a much needed exfoliation session. I also managed to get the candles going and to use a little lavender essential oil to really set the mood.

The best part of it all? My daughter fell asleep again! Pure bliss.

When I finally decided to leave the dreamland I had created in my bathroom, I treated my daughter to a little spa day of her own. She has had the misfortune of inheriting my sensitive skin, so I give her sponge baths more often than full dips in the tub. I treated her to a tea tree oil and castile soap cleansing session followed by a full body massage with coconut oil. She’s really been working hard at standing and walking lately (with help from Abba), so I gave special attention to her feet. She had a good time, and we both enjoyed the bonding.

I’m actually looking forward to my husband’s next day trip. What I thought was going to be an exercise in patience turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had since becoming a mother.