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Hello Swirling Beauties,

I’ve spent the past summer fulfilling my need to write by participating in several forums. The instant gratification of constant, daily interaction and feedback from women and men whom I respect deeply made it difficult to return to the often one-sided venture that is blogging. In the presence of so many seasoned individuals whose wisdom pored through the screen of my laptop, I also experienced a bit of a crisis. I began to experience a form of “blogger’s block” borne out of the idea that I simply had nothing to say that anyone else would deem worthy of their consideration. That all changed today when I discovered I had been plagiarized.

I do not wish to get into the details because when it’s all said and done, it was a silly thing to do. It did not damage me economically nor creatively, but it did alert me to the fact that I have more influence than I had previously believed. For that, and that alone, I am grateful.

I have witnessed a lot of ugly wars between bloggers in the BWE movement this summer, so I will stand by my commitment to do my best to avoid becoming entrenched in conflict on a personal level. However, should the offender come across this post (and it is likely you will), I have just one thing to say: Thank you for opening my eyes to my worth as a writer, but do yourself a favor and hone your craft rather than commandeering mine. Next time, I won’t take it so lightly.

For those who are concerned that I am not taking this offense seriously, not to worry: I have the screen shots to make my case, should I need to, in the future.


Savvy Mocha Mama