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Yesterday, I wrote about how being plagiarized inspired me to shake off the dust from this blog and to record my thoughts in my own space. I have wanted to return to my work for a few months now, but I felt discouraged in terms of believing in the value of my ability to be an influence through my writing. Now that I am, once again, a believer in my own worth, I need to attend to a bit of housecleaning.

This summer, I witnessed just how deep the double standard is in terms of valuing the life and well-being of black women. It is truly an ugly, murky battlefield for the woman of African descent who desires to exercise her G-d-given right to “be”…to be feminine, to be loved, to be protected, to be desired, to be honored…to be a woman. Adding interracial marriage to the mix serves only to further challenge the black woman who desires to enjoy the beauty of womanhood and a peaceful life.

Nevertheless, all is not lost. It IS possible for a black woman to let her elegance shine through and to live the best life she can with a loving spouse and healthy children. This is what my life is about, and this is what my blog will focus on moving forward.

For my readers whose reality is not overtly nor directly reflected and uplifted in this blog, you are still very much welcome here as observers and supporters. I moderate my comments strictly (hence, very few of them appear), and I will continue to do so. I am first of all a wife, a mother, and I don a number of other hats on any given day, including that of grad student, business owner, gardener, etc. In short, I value my time and my peace. I will work hard to keep every space that is called “mine” free of toxicity. To be clear, if you don’t support the BWE movement, or if you believe in inclusion of any kind, please take this as my singular warning and encouragement to create your own space.

 I would like to take a moment to publicly thank one of my influences, the fabulous Ms. Dee Dee Russell, for demonstrating just how important it is to tend one’s own garden (and for influencing the verbiage used to communicate this message). Please pay her a visit: http://www.deedeerussell.com

I’m looking forward to getting back into the game.


Savvy Mocha Mama