In honor of the relaunch of this blog, here is a “re-blog” explaining why I needed to regain my focus. Stay tuned for more soon!


Yesterday, I wrote about how being plagiarized inspired me to shake off the dust from this blog and to record my thoughts in my own space. I have wanted to return to my work for a few months now, but I felt discouraged in terms of believing in the value of my ability to be an influence through my writing. Now that I am, once again, a believer in my own worth, I need to attend to a bit of housecleaning.

This summer, I witnessed just how deep the double standard is in terms of valuing the life and well-being of black women. It is truly an ugly, murky battlefield for the woman of African descent who desires to exercise her G-d-given right to “be”…to be feminine, to be loved, to be protected, to be desired, to be honored…to be a woman. Adding interracial marriage to the mix serves only to…

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